Pashmina Story

Pashmina in Kashmir!
We are amongst the oldest manufacturers of pashmina shawls in India. We specialize in Pashmina Shawls, Scarves, Stoles, Mufflers, Wraps and Throws. Our pashminas were procured by our great grandfathers from the far flung places of Tibet & China which was then combed & spun into the fine Pashmina yarn. It was woven by the finest artisans in the valley of Kashmir. Several skilled artisans were beheaded or taken captive in the remote places of the world when India was invaded & looted several times.

But ours is one such family which has kept alive the glory of real pashmina till date by transferring the finest skilled pashmina craftsmanship to the safe heavens of many cities in India. It has helped to keep the torch burning & didn’t let the pashminas die in history. Of these places, our headquarters where our great grandfather founded the first textile unit. Since then our Pashmina is being sent to all parts of the world to find its way to the best of the ceremonies, Indian or international and on the best of the occasions.