Our company Shayama cashmere store is among the leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Beautiful Pashmina. At Shayama Cashmere store , the fiber is handspun into yarn, hand-woven, finished and dyed by intrinsic care and precision to exercise strict control as per International standards of quality, comfort and value. Traditional Hand Embroideries with beads, glasses etc. has given a new dimension to all this and adorned the collection of the famous fashion designers of the world.
Since centuries, our ancestors understood the value of Pashmina and articulously transformed this secret of Pashmina making from generation to generation which has enabled us in providing our customers with the best quality pashmina at affordable prices. Being among the original suppliers of shawls, we can guarantee you the Real Pashmina (as the real Pashmina is still a secret shared by only a privileged few).
Our years of experience in manufacturing Pashmina shawls have enabled us to offer quality shawls at very low rates. Our shawls are being exported to more than 50 countries in the world finding way to leading shopping malls and fashion stores.
Of course, you get the added advantage of getting the pashmina of your preferred color delivered in time at your doorstep when you order through us.
Naturally when it comes to choose the best pashmina at the lowest price there’s no alternative but Shayam Cashmere Store with our wide range of shawls, scarves, stoles, wraps and throws. After all owning Pashmina is legendary, a beauty your coming generations would remember – your style, your aristocracy becomes a fond remembrance through Pashmina and other reasons to buy pashmina.

Who We Are…

We are amongst the oldest manufacturers of pashmina shawls in India. We specialize in Pashmina Shawls, Scarves, Stoles, Mufflers, Wraps and Throws. Our pashminas were procured by our great grandfathers from the far flung places of Tibet & China which was then combed & spun into the fine Pashmina yarn. It was woven by the finest artisans in the valley of Kashmir. Since then our Pashmina is being sent to all parts of the world to find its way to the best of the ceremonies, Indian or international and on the best of the occasions.

Our Vision…

Basic need of Pashmina is to drive away cold. This pashmina is 2 ply , closely woven and thick
and comfortable to wrap you, cover you fully, used as throw while watching TV, used as a blanket too Its closely woven so will not let the heat of your body to escape and not let cold wave bother you, 99% sellers of pashmina on Different sites is like a bandage cloth with loose weave, We are Pashmina manufacture in Kashmir and we truly know what is Pashmina and since ages into this businss, all things are in-house and sell you genuine pashmina, while most people are those who have bought fakes unknowingly, or bought fakes out of greed to enter pashmina business and unable to sell the garbage sell for 1-10$.

Are you buying Pashmina or garbage?

Our Pashmina will last your life long as it’s closely woven/ knitted while 99% sell you loose weave like bandage cloth and within hours of wear the threads will loose its position and you will have holes like cloth all over. We use AZO Free dyes the costliest and best dyes and natural dyes which do not harm you as other sell you synthetic dyes pashmina and you are sure to have skin diseases which are banned in most countries. can you afford to loose your health because of cheap pashmins?

As pashmina is genuine costly we have placed minimum price for all as we know what a Pashmina cost we are sellers who sell to over 100 countries and to best of retail outlets, with biggest brands in world see our designing we have the best and most beautiful Pashminas the world. There are 1000 reasons why you should buy from us if you want to buy but bid page is to small… We are Sellers with tall feedback remarks Gather your wisdom buy a genuine ,skin friendly and life long