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Cashmere is manufactured from the wool of the cashmere goat, sometimes known as the Himalayan mountain goat. To survive the hostile environment of the Himalayas and surrounding plateaus, the cashmere goats develop an incredibly soft inner coat; these fibers are then hand-combed from beneath the chin and underbelly to extract the soft, fine, downy undercoat to be used in the production of cashmere.

Considered a luxury due to its scarcity and laborious production process, cashmere came to fashion in Europe in the late 18th century.

The designs of cashmere began to adapt to European taste and by the 19th century, Scotland has become a hub for the modern cashmere and weaving industry.

Innovations in weaving technology within Scotland (allowing the delicate separation of fibers without damaging the down) led to the creation of new cashmere products, including the production of underwear.

Cashmere’s longevity and luxury status has secured its place as a timeless classic, and its adaptability means that it’s a must-have for fashion lovers, all year round.